Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ward and Stake Emergency Reporting Forms

In order to support our Ward and Stake Emergency Preparedness Program and to be able to quickly and efficiently gather data during an emergency we developed a series of forms. These forms allow Emergency Communications personnel to gather the same data from all of the various locations within the ward and stake. Gathering the same information in the same format allows for the consolidation of information within a ward as well as consolidation of information within the stake.

The forms attached can be used to gather information for the following areas:

  1. Neighborhood Family Checklist- allows Block Captains to gather information from their assigned families.

  2. Neighborhood Emergency Report - allows Block Captains to describe the emergency situation and to consolidate information to be forwarded to the Ward Communications Specialist.

  3. Ward Emergency Report - allows Ward Communications Specialists to consolidate information to be forwarded to the Stake Emergency Communications Specialist.

  4. Stake Emergency Report - allows Stake Emergency Communication Specialists to consolidate information from all Wards to be forwarded to the Church as necessary.
Shown below are two of the reports. If you'd like a copy of all four reports in Word format you can email me at:
(Sample Copies of Reports)

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