Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dennis From Sacramento

Hi all. I am Dennis Bartholomew, KE6MFF from Sacramento. Just called to be the Sacramento Central Storehouse Ham Operator/Coordinator. We have the Sacramento storehouse and 4 other storehouses in northern California and western Nevada with a total of 62 stakes in that area. It is my goal to have storehouse ERC coordinators and stake ERC specialists for each respective storehouse and stake. We presently have a 2 meter net every Saturday morning in the Sacramento area. I would like to have an HF net weekly also, if that is not happening already. I will have to upgrade to general for participation in the HF net. I have been threatening to do that for a long time anyway.

I am a private pilot and have a part ownership in a Cessna 172. I have a GMC Sierra diesel pickup that I recently converted to run on used vegetable oil. It runs great, and the fuel is free. I did the conversion after selling a Chevy S-10 that I converted from gas to electric. I work for the local city transit service as a light rail operator.

I am happy to be aboard. This blog is a great forum for ERC concerns and sharing information. For contact feel free to email at

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