Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend Activity in Parker Colorado

We had a great time over the weekend. I was called by the Stake Presidency to chair a Parker Community Family Fair which was supposed to be a community sponsored event rather than an LDS sponsored event. We got lots of local businesses to sponsor the event to the tune of $12K and had about 4000 participants, half of which we figure were members of the community and not members. We used our local Southern Metro LDS Hams Group to supply our communications and really got a lot of experience in passing traffic. Three local members of the ARES District 24 Group volunteered to help us and brought out a portable repeater for us to use on 70cm. We were able to do lots of behind the scenes missionary work and made a ton of inroads with the community at large. The Mayor and members of the Town Council, Economic Development Council, Chamber of Commerce, Tri-County Health, Hospital, Police and Fire and others participated. We had the Douglas County Command Vehicle, Parker Police Command Vehicle, Motorcycles, crash car and lots of others things there as well.
David Lowe-Parker Colorado

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